Feb 27 2021

Top 7 Hot Springs in BC

The adults-only outdoor hot springs pool at dusk

British Columbia is known for its natural beauty. From sweeping mountain views to gorgeous serene lakes, the natural scenery is simply breathtaking. But today, we’re strictly talking bc natural hot springs. From day trips to weekend adventures, find your perfect hot springs getaway with these 7 top hot springs in BC.

Our Top 7 Favorite Hot Springs List

  • Harrison Hot Springs Resort
  • Halcyon Hot Springs Resort
  • Ainsworth Hot Springs
  • Fairmont Natural Hot Springs
  • Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park
  • Radium Hot Springs
  • Nakusp Hot Springs Resort

Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Situated on Harrison Lake’s shoreline, Harrison Hot Springs Resort is one of the best hot springs in BC. Escape and enjoy the beautiful Canadian wild while you enjoy the finer things in life. Located less than 150 km from Vancouver, Harrison Lake hot springs is perfect for a day trip - making it one of the closest hot springs near Vancouver.

The adults-only outdoor hot springs pool at dusk

The resort includes access to five private, hot spring-fed private mineral pools: two indoor and three outdoor hot pools. Take a dip in their indoor sitting pool, which is kept between 38-40°C (100-103°F). Or you can exercise in their 30°C (87°F) outdoor lap pool if that’s the ideal getaway for you.

Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

File Halcyon Hot Springs Resort under places you must visit. You’ll need to travel a bit further away from Vancouver for this one, but you’ll find it sitting on the shores of Arrow Lake, just north of Nakusp. You can stay in one of their decked out luxury chalets or opt for a family-style cottage.

A wide-angle picture of the two-tier outdoor hot springs pools overlooking Arrow Lake at Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

The mineral-rich waters are controlled at different temperatures. You can alternate between the cold dipping pool and warm healing pools for maximum health benefits. Unlike some other hot springs in British Columbia, Halcyon’s lithium-enriched hot spring waters are pure enough to drink straight from the source.

Ainsworth Hot Springs BC

While you’re at it, go ahead and add Ainsworth to your bucket list. Located about 180km from Grand Forks, it’s just a short trip away from city life. Here, there’s a hot spring pool for everyone. You can even go straight to the source - a 150-ft horseshoe cave with an average water temperature of 42°C (108°F). 

A woman enjoys the natural hot springs inside the Ainsworth hot springs cave

But if that seems a little too warm for you, the family-friendly lounging pool is kept around 35°C (106°F) year-round. They do chlorinate these pools for health and safety, and bathing suits are required at all times.

Fairmont Natural Hot Springs BC

Fairmont boasts the largest hot springs public pool in BC. Take a dip in the 39°C (102°F) outdoor soaking pool and take in the surrounding beauty of the panoramic rocky mountains. The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is well-within driving distance from many major cities, including Kelowna. At less than 490 km (305 mi), it’s one of the best hot springs near Kelowna.

Steam rolls off the surface of the hot springs outdoor pool on a clear, cold day at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

For sanitary purposes, the mineral waters at Fairmont are chlorinated. But that doesn’t detract from the health benefits of the natural minerals. Over 1.2 million gallons of fresh, rejuvenating mineral water flows into the public pools every day.

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Established in 1957, Liard River is Canada’s second-largest hot springs. To stay here, you’ll need to make a campsite reservation. Where it lacks in resort-style amenities, it will leave you speechless with its natural beauty. When you’re ready to get out of the pools, you can head for a light hike on the boardwalk.

A lush forest scene surrounds the more modern dipping hot spring pool at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Once dubbed the “Tropical Valley,” the natural spring water continually feeds the local flora and fauna. What you’ll experience is a lush escape unlike any other. It’s not uncommon to see wildlife, like moose and deer, feeding on nature’s bounty.

Radium Hot Springs BC

Located within Kootenay National Park, Radium Hot Springs are an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. You might come for the mineral springs, but you’ll stay for the scenery, accommodation, and outdoor excursions.

People swimming in the hot springs pool at Radium Hot Springs.

But there’s something special about the magical mineral waters of Radium. Radium boasts completely odorless and clear mineral water. If the thought of sitting in water with a heavy mineral scent turns you off, then you might try Radium for your next wellness adventure.

Nakusp Hot Springs Resort BC

Last but not least is Nakusp. Located about 250 km (155 mi) away from Kelowna, Nakusp is an idyllic escape nestled into the Selkirk mountain range. The hot pool temperature stays a toasty 41°C (107°F) throughout the winter but turned down in the summer for maximum comfort.

wooden bowl with white and blue striped towel sitting by bc hot spring

Over 200,000 gallons of fresh spring water is cycled through the two pools daily. Instead of chlorinating the water, it is filtered to ensure purity and cleanliness. You can also explore the area’s local hiking trails in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Plan Your BC Hot Springs Adventure

The vast number of hot springs in Canada can make it tough to narrow down your options. Hopefully, this list helped you whittle down your selection for plotting out your travels in bc. Wherever you choose to go, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the journey and the destination.

Please note COVID may affect the hours and occupancy limits of some of these locations. Check local regulations for any potential closures or appointment requirements before planning out your trip.

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