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Does Flavored Coffee Have Carbs? The Truth about Carbs in Flavored Brews

Jun 15, 2024Meagan Mason


We have all heard the endless options of eating plans and diet fads that consume not only the fitness industry but also the food and beverage market, but one that is proving highly successful time and time again with excellent medical and health results is the Keto diet.

A keto diet involves replacing generic fats in foods and the body with low-carb diet ingredients, so the body fuels itself with natural fats rather than processed carbs from foods.

So that Sundae with low-fat whipped cream and a no-added-sugar chocolate sauce is a no-go on all fronts despite the low-sugar branding.

Many people who begin Keto go through the transition process by relying on 'safe' drinks that are considered keto-friendly, and one of those is coffee. But, does flavored coffee have carbs? Is it OK to consume flavored coffee drinks on this eating plan?

Let's delve deeper to see how this is possible, and what alternatives you can consider implementing when asked, does flavored coffee have carbs or sugar?


Is Flavored Coffee Keto?

Flavored coffee, in general while on the keto diet, is fine, but the issue comes when you begin adding in flavorings.

Flavored beans do not contribute to your carb intake, as they are essentially roasted coffee beans with artificial flavorings, but sugary syrups or coffee syrups will make your flavored coffee bad.

Keto is an adaptation to your current lifestyle, you will understand how to create your own flavored coffee without jeopardizing your fasting or ketosis but always keep an eye out on product labels when purchasing flavored beans (just in case).


Flavored Coffee and Carbs

Flavored coffee is increasing in popularity and many cafes and baristas are experimenting with flavored coffees when creating your much-loved vanilla latte or trying to add flavor to your regular plain black coffee.

In some instances, there has been much success, but you need to be well-versed in the sugar replacement alternatives that are deemed keto-friendly.

Most flavored coffees if using a simple coffee bean that has artificial flavorings added to it, are a good choice, so you can still drink flavored coffee and not worry too much about falling out of ketosis.


Coffee Beans and Flavorings

Flavored coffee beans are just that, coffee beans with artificial flavors. So, if you were at all concerned if flavored coffee keto style is safe, then you will be happy to know it is a yes.


Is there sugar or carbs in flavored coffee?

As a general rule, flavored coffee does not have carbs or has an extremely low carb content, making flavored coffees safe on keto.

However, just because flavored coffees are carb-free, adding whipped cream won't balance it out (boo, yes, I hear you). Drinking flavored coffee can be sweetened in other, healthier ways such as adding a spoon of ghee or coconut oil.

It will also keep your blood sugar down which is never a bad thing as we age, right?


Does Coffee Have Carbs?

Coffee on its own is carb-free as the coffee bean is a plant-based ingredient. Drinking both coffee and tea on the keto diet is a perfect way to sustain yourself till meal times without risking your fast. Just don't add any non-keto-friendly sweeteners.


Flavored Syrups and Sweeteners

On Keto, you do have sugar alternatives which make flavored coffees still accessible (phew). And much to the dismay of many health professionals, honey and maple syrup are not good sugar alternatives albeit made naturally.



You can make your own flavored coffee that is safe to consume on the keto diet so you still get that delicious coffee taste but can stick to your healthy eating lifestyle.

With just a handful of ingredients and in only a few simple steps you can quickly whip up a pot of java to enjoy through the day.

See below for the fundamentals of making your coffee keto-friendly.


Buy Flavored Coffee Beans

Is flavored coffee better? When you buy flavored coffee beans for added flavor then yes, not if you add high sugars and syrups to create the flavor.

Flavored coffee beans have many advantages, and even more so if on keto, such as;

  • It is calorie-free and has no carbs to throw you off course

  • It naturally tastes and smells amazing over your usual plain coffee drinks

  • It can boost your creativity as you explore and experiment with different flavor combinations

  • Believe it or not but it can enhance your lifestyle. You don't need to miss out on your regular coffee mornings with friends, simply consider more of the available opportunities and make them work for you, not you having to work to turn a blind eye to bad sugars.


Use Unsweetened Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is an excellent dairy option for coffee drinks. It is high in fats that you want on keto to fuel your body till the next meal time rather than sugar cravings kicking in from milk (even steamed milk) or coffee creamers.


Try using Coconut Or Pistachio Milk 

Milk alternatives mean you can go about your daily routines and stick to your schedules without it being a mission.

Simply swap out your cow's milk for coconut, soy, pistachio, or almond milk and no one will be the wiser and you don't need to think about how many calories you are consuming either.

Avoid pistachio or almond if you have nut allergies.


Drink It Black And Pair It With A High Fat Breakfast

This is a yes for any day. A high-fat breakfast to kick start the day and fuel you for the rest is the perfect keto option.

Be sure it is saturated with high-fat food ingredients such as nuts, butter, avocado, or salmon, and that it is your one meal for the day (OMAD), or if you are on a 2 meal day be sure you leave no more than 4 hours between meals to keep a large fasting window open.


Natural Flavorings

Unfortunately, your beloved caramel macchiato does not count towards a natural flavoring (and yes we wish it did too). You want natural flavorings from ingredients like coconut, ghee, or cinnamon for a festive spirit alternative during the holiday season.


Sugar-Free Flavored Syrups

Is there such a thing as a sugar-free syrup, well, yes there is. Syrups are not produced using artificially flavored components, so unless you don't go overboard, they are healthy to consume.


Sugar Substitutes

Most of us have had sugar cravings once in our lives, for others, it is more frequent, so switching to a sugar and carb-free or simple carbs (found in veggies) eating plan can be quite dramatic unless you can find a substitute to ease the transition.

Some options to get you going are;

  • Stevia or Stevia products which as plant-based

  • Monk fruit although not as easy to find in your local supermarket

  • Coconut palm sugar - some people don't enjoy the palm mouth feel but it comes down to personal preference

  • Date sugar

  • Sugar alcohols such as Xylitol or Erythritol

And no, to squash the myth that often pops up on dietary conversational platforms, dissolving sugar in a liquid before consuming does not detract from the negative impact it has on the keto diet.


Is Flavored Coffee Compatible With Other Diets?

When you are considering flavored coffee drinks while on the Keto diet or any diet for that matter, there are both pros and cons to each reasoning to look at before jumping straight in.

Flavored coffee is not new, but because of this increase in popularity many companies have created their own signature sugar-free syrups and sugar-free flavored coffee beans so there are certainly options available.

However, if you are specifically following the Keto diet then flavored coffee beans are perfectly fine when drunk on their own, and without added sugar.

You can substitute flavor profiles in the coffee by using sweet liquid or Stevia sugars, or a dash of almond milk if there are no nut allergies.

Most coffee shops (ask your local coffee shop) offer artificial sweeteners so you can still explore your coffee adventures without worrying about weight gain, but still add your favorite flavor to adapt to your keto-style coffee.

Some other diets if the Keto diet is not for you still offer a good choice range of sugar-free versions, let's see what some of them are;


Plant-Based Diet

You want to check the ingredients labels to see if there are any added artificial flavors as some of the flavored coffee beans may not be entirely vegan-friendly. Coffee beans without flavoring are completely vegan-friendly as they come from plants.

Low Carb Diet

Ingesting carbohydrates whether complex carbs or simple carbs is done often without us realizing so taking care when on your nutritionally sound eating plan is a must.

Low-carb diets in combination with flavored coffee beans have their perks as flavored coffee beans offer a low-carb intake and can elevate your generic black coffee to something a little more flavorful.

Mediterranean Diet

Plant-based foods are emphasized in the Mediterranean diet meaning you follow a somewhat high-fat diet and plenty of veggies. Adding coffee is a staple in the Mediterranean, and if you enjoy flavored coffee just be sure you aren't consuming added sugar or are switching to sugar-free syrups as your sweet profile.

Drinking coffee helps to keep the mind focused and while some, not all, flavored coffee have carbs, everything in moderation and with mindful consideration is perfectly fine.

Paleo Diet

The paleo diet, unfortunately, is not a good match when drinking flavored coffees. Drinking black coffee is the best choice without any concerns, but when you begin to add dairy (even almond milk) or natural sugars the Paleo diet becomes void.

This is not a good lifestyle option for people who love their flavored coffee beans or who need even a single daily dose of sweetness to curb their sugar rush.

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet plan is full of veggies and healthy fats and offers minimal generic complex carbs but more so within the vegetables. For coffee lovers black coffee, naturally, is the most free version of the coffee drinks menu, and when adding flavors you need to be careful.

Coffee beans themselves are completely plant-based, perfect for a low-carb diet, but when it comes to flavored coffee beans packaging labels and manufacturer information is going to be your best friend to staying on track.

Gluten-Free Diet

Coffee beans in their natural state are gluten-free, but that does not mean all coffee beans are. Some may have been cross-contaminated during processing so always do your research.

Many of those delicious flavor coffee beans that tempt our taste buds, such as hazelnut coffee beans or vanilla beans, are more often than not considered gluten-free, but it is all about the labels and the harvesting processes.

100% gluten-free coffee beans are simply roasted coffee beans and nothing else is done to them.


Fasting is an aged-old lifestyle where consuming 1, maximum 2 meals a day is sufficient as the body adapts and houses the necessary nutrients at meal times.

For the most part, flavored coffee beans or certain flavored coffee syrups are made with artificial ingredients, therefore they are more than likely calories free so you don't need to worry about your carb intake.


Does Flavored Coffee Break A Fast?

Artificially flavored coffee beans have zero sugar meaning you won't break your fast or have to constantly worry about does flavored coffee have carbs.

Many of the flavored coffees in coffee shops use artificially flavored coffee beans so your hazelnut coffee or vanilla latte using milk alternatives like soy milk, won't negatively affect your fast.

When in doubt, stick to plain coffee and add flavor through coconut oil or any of the numerous sugar alternatives on the market if you have to have a dash of sweetness in some form.


Carb Free Coffee

If starchy foods are making you feel sluggish and lethargic and soft drinks with their unimaginable sugar content leaves you craving more only a moment later, then the ketogenic diet may be just the solution to help make your lifestyle that much healthier.

Sure, there are a few food substitutes you will need to adapt to or implement, but the main concern so many people have when beginning keto is, can I still have coffee? And the answer is yes, in some form.

You cannot reach for your daily mocha flavored k cups and think you are on keto, I'm afraid not. Swapping milk for milk substitutes or heavy cream will become the norm, and sweetener versus sugar will be added to the shopping lists, but overall you will thank yourself for making the change. Your body will thank you.

Coffee is a staple in most homes across the globe and is one of the most highly consumed drinks on the planet. Who knew a humble coffee cherry pea would be so impactful?

Cheers to many more cups of (keto-friendly) coffee.

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