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We believe that every coffee lover deserves the chance to become a skilled home barista.

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Our Must Have Brewing Equipment

Chemex Coffee Maker

Features We Like:
  • Large 6 cup capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Reduces bitterness and coffee oils

Our Must Have Brewing Equipment


Features We Like:
  • Lightweight to pack up and go
  • Easy to use
  • Good for traveling or outdoor brewing
  • Easy 1 cup brewing

Why Brew at Home?


Tailor every cup to your taste. From bean selection to brewing technique, you have complete control over the flavor profile.


With our brew guides you’ll learn how to brew coffee that rivals your favorite café.


Enjoy premium quality coffee at a fraction of the cost of café-bought drinks.


Brew whenever you want, however you want, in the comfort of your own home.


Reduce waste by brewing responsibly and choosing eco-friendly options.

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