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How To Dissolve Cinnamon In Coffee | Enrich Your Morning Brew: 4 Simple Methods to Infuse Your Coffee with Cinnamon

Jun 30, 2023Meagan Mason


When the festive season is upon us or the weather is cooling down there is nothing more comforting than sipping a decadent hot beverage that has a little something extra in it for your morning cup. We are talking about adding cinnamon to your morning coffee for not only improved flavor but also to reap the health benefits of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

And you don't need a fancy coffee machine to do it.


How To Dissolve Cinnamon In Coffee Basics

Adding cinnamon to your coffee has for centuries been an integral spice in both sweet and savory capacities, and when you don't necessarily have the time to shove a homemade cinnamon muffin in your mouth (or want to) everyday, adding it to your coffee is the next best thing. But, it can be tricky.

Many people have fallen victim to the classic cinnamon moustache when trying to simply stir the cinnamon into their drinks, but for some reason, it just won't mix.

This is why we have discovered the top ways on how to dissolve cinnamon in coffee so you don't have to miss out on your beloved cinnamon sticks flavor.

Let's dive in and see how you can elevate your cup of coffee.


How To Dissolve Stick Cinnamon In Coffee - 3 Ways To Spice Things Up

As we proceed to see some of the tried and tested methods of adding cinnamon to your coffee we must add a caution.

Cinnamon spice is an insoluble fiber which means that it will not melt in any hot drink, not even hot chocolate, and therefore you won't be able to dissolve cinnamon in coffee simply by stirring and hoping for the best.

So, consider the following techniques, taste test as you go along, and find which method suits you best in terms of ease and flavor profile when adding cinnamon to your coffee.


How to Add Cinnamon To Your Coffee?

The 4 ways on how to dissolve cinnamon in coffee that have proven successful are;

  • Adding cinnamon powder to your ready-to-use coffee grounds

  • Before adding your cream to your coffee, add in powdered cinnamon to the cream, combine, and then add it as a mixed liquid

  • Place a few sticks of whole cinnamon in your coffee beans or ground coffee to continually release its essence and flavor into the coffee

  • Making a simple cinnamon syrup - with some added bonus tips


Adding cinnamon powder to your ready-to-use coffee grounds

When you want to add any extra ingredient into your coffee brew it is important to know just how long your own coffee maker brews for so it is the way you like it, and also how much water you usually use.

Based on these factors you can determine if it is a good idea or if it will work at all to achieve a pleasant flavor.

Take an espresso for example. It is a small, concentrated form of coffee we all love dearly, but add a spoon of cinnamon into the mix and suddenly the cinnamon is taking over, overly expanding while absorbing all the water, and not leaving nearly enough water to seep through the coffee.

And certainly do not add it into the espresso machine unless you want a seemingly uncontrollable amount of sludge to clean your coffee machine up.

Only when you use a Turkish pot (but you need to strain the coffee before you serve), a French press, or brew coffee with a filter will it be possible.

These methods of using cinnamon flavored coffee are recommended to be strained because of the high ratio of water absorption from cinnamon, and more often than not results in a slimy, maple syrup looking sludge that does not taste great.


Add cinnamon powder to your cream before adding it to your coffee

If you can add the cinnamon sticks to your coffee ground then adding cinnamon to your cream is a great alternative. Mixing cinnamon and coffee cream this way allows some of it to mix into the cream and then by adding the cinnamon cream to the coffee it won't necessarily all float to the top of your coffee.

We recommend using a thick, heavy pouring cream with a high fat content to adhere the cinnamon grains. Other hot drinks like latte or cappuccino that you enjoy topped with whipped cream is a quick way to add flavor.

Sprinkle the spice into the cream before you whip it and you can enjoy a creamy dollop on your next coffee infused with cinnamon throughout.

Some boutique stores or coffee shops do offer cinnamon infused coffee as well as cinnamon flavored coffee creamer so you always have an option if you are fortunate enough to have bespoke shops nearby.


Keeping a few cinnamon sticks in your ground coffee beans

Just like with vanilla beans that release aromatics into sugar the same works for a cinnamon flavor in your coffee. Cinnamon and coffee grounds are a perfect collaboration and it is so simple to make.

Simply put all the ingredients into an airtight container to prevent external smells coming in and you have yourself a coffee cinnamon drink that will taste delicious.

How much coffee beans you have and how much cinnamon sticks you plan on putting in is up to you, the more the merrier I always say, and the longer they sit in the coffee beans the more intense the coffee with cinnamon flavor will be.


Making a simple cinnamon syrup

For this cinnamon syrup you need only 3 ingredients, most likely already in your pantry, which are cinnamon stick, brown sugar, and then water. Dissolving cinnamon powder may prove trickier than using a stick version, and also you want a well-balanced flavor profile better achieved with stick cinnamon.

Throw all the ingredients into a pot on the stove and leave to reach boiling point and then turn down to a simmer, next remove form the heat and allow cinnamon syrup to steep till cool.

Once cool, transfer to an airtight container or bottle and use for your drinks or desserts.

Your home will be filled with a decadent cinnamon aroma, and adding even a half a teaspoon to your usual cup can transform it from a humble brewed coffee to a coffee cinnamon sensation.

Because dissolving cinnamon in coffee tastes so good, you will wish you had discovered it sooner.

A few tips to keep you on track for the best cinnamon coffee


You will always find that making your own cinnamon syrup will taste a whole lot better than a store-bought version with who knows what additives or chemicals


Any extra cinnamon syrup should be bottled or stored in a sealed container to enjoy with other drinks as well like hot chocolate, cocoa, or even drizzled over your cappuccino.

Sticks versus ground cinnamon

Using a stick spice is the better way to add cinnamon to your drink and because ground cinnamon dissolve choices are limited. You can dissolve cinnamon essence more effectively using a stick version.


Compared to white sugar, dark or light brown works better to add cinnamon.

Water quality

You may not think it but quality of water has an integral role in the result of your coffee. Always try to use filtered water when possible.


Why does cinnamon not dissolve like salt or sugar

We know that cinnamon sticks look like tree bark, but that is literally what it is. Derived from a unique tree in Asia, cinnamon sticks are impossibly hard to dissolve in hot water or anything liquid for that matter. Unlike sugar or salt which comprise of crystals and therefore dissolve effortlessly as and when we need them to.

As much flavor as cinnamon sticks bring to the table, they are made up of fine threads of fiber, similar to shredding a twig to see inside. It is best to leave one cinnamon stick in your cup with hot water or add a teabag for Ceylon cinnamon tea (a little more expensive and on the higher price point than cassia cinnamon) to allow it to draw in the water and essentially flavor the drink.

You can also add cinnamon sticks to already brewed coffee in the pot or coffee mug to steep for as long as possible before pouring it into your coffee cup.


The difference between ground cinnamon powder and cinnamon stick

Whole cinnamon will, just as with whole coffee beans, preserve the flavor that much better. So the next time you are considering adding the sweet flavor of cinnamon to your coffee, think about if you want something a little more flavorful but requires more time and effort to steep.

Or purchasing pre-ground cinnamon which will lose its flavor much quicker than the cinnamon stick version.

Cinnamon adds that something extra, a little luxury to your morning sip, and we aren't complaining about its assistance to regulate blood sugar levels either. If a cinnamon flavored cup of coffee helps with blood sugar and increases your health benefits, what have you got to lose?

When you add ground cinnamon powder to your coffee grounds, foods, or any drinks you won't necessarily feel it because ideally, the cinnamon grounds will have been finely ground. Adding ground cinnamon in coffee is increasing in popularity and could be just what you need to spice things up for your cup of coffee to start the day.


Can you dissolve cinnamon in milk

Unfortunately, this is almost impossible. Cinnamon grounds are made up with a chemical component that makes them almost completely water resistant, so whether it is milk or water or any other liquid you looking to dissolving ground cinnamon with, your best option is to not ruin your drink and mix ground cinnamon into your coffee grounds.


The Final Sip: Cinnamon In Coffee

Now, you know a variety of ways on how to dissolve cinnamon in coffee. Ground cinnamon in coffee, or using a cinnamon stick is not necessarily revolutionary but it cinnamon flavored coffee taking the world by storm now that cinnamon infused coffee is easier to make without the need for a fancy espresso machine.

But also when you add cinnamon powder to your coffee or even whipped cream you reap the health benefits too.

We have loved the method to dissolve cinnamon in coffee using a French press because the coffee maker is not affected and you can add ground cinnamon powder to your coffee and let the steep together.

The best of both flavor profiles. Be sure to try something new the next time you feel like elevating your coffee and add cinnamon to your coffee grounds.

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