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Eggshells in coffee | Bitter Coffee? - Try This Trick!

Apr 27, 2023Meagan Mason

Eggshells in your next cup of coffee

Whether you are considering using organic coffee grounds or getting rid of the bitterness in your next sip by adding eggshells in coffee, let's see why eggshells are paving the way for morning cups of brew.


First thing in the morning

Many people may not realize that their favorite brew has a high acidity level.

Unless you are one of those people who love coffee with a strong taste to the point of bitterness, or even if don't and you add water to try to dilute the taste, then discovering how best to mellow out the flavor profile is a must.

And eggshells are the answer.

For decades acidic coffee was considered the norm, but through experimentation and curiosity egg shells were added to the coffee pot to balance the flavor.

Knowing eggs contain carbonated calcium that acts as an alkaline base, it has been highly successful.

Eggshells in coffee may not be your first choice, but as the old saying goes, 'don't knock it till you try it.'

We have, and we are loving our newfound love for egg coffee.


Why add egg shells to your coffee pot?

If you are pulling your face just hearing this then you are not the first person to wonder why in the world your beloved boiled eggs are considered an addition to the brewing coffee process.

Eggshell coffee is taking the world by storm and we delve deeper to see why and how.

Common mistakes

Sometimes buying a cheaper brand or ground coffee blend can work against you and you end up with a morning cup filled with a bitter flavor and essentially making you regret your decision.

But there is a solution and you don't have to throw your 5kg bag of coffee grounds in the bin, and who knows, egg coffee may just become a household favorite.

While you may have been drinking bad coffee for longer than you should have we never actually stop to think about why it tastes so bitter.

The egg or the coffee?

The humble egg contains calcium carbonate which is a strong alkaline and by adding crushed eggshells to your coffee grounds before adding the boiling water, you essentially balance the acidity levels naturally present in coffee.

What you may have considered a strong cup of coffee may have been a bitter cup of brew that could have easily been prevented from tasting acidic.


Understanding the pH balance

The pH scale has a ratio of 0-14, with 7 in the middle coming in at neutral.

Anything that has a higher than 7 rating is considered alkaline, with those lower than 7 referred to as acidic elements, and coffees no matter the blend comes in at 5 making their acidity level somewhat bitter and difficult to drink.

When you combine these two ingredients on opposite ends of the pH scale they neutralize each other and ultimately balance the flavor giving you a more well-rounded taste and flavor profile.


How many shells should you mix into your grounds?

Naturally, the first question we ask when considering trying egg coffee is how many eggshells are enough or how much coffee is too much or too little.

The recommended amount of eggshells in coffee for your coffee pot is one egg for every four cups of coffee.

You ideally want to wash the egg shells to remove any uncooked eggs and then crush them before adding them to your coffee maker in the filter with the coffee grounds.

Take note;

  • Be sure to smell your eggs before taking them out of the shell and using the shells for coffee. Eggs release sulfur compounds which is a quick indicator that they are rotten and not safe to eat, and certainly will not get rid of a bitter flavor in your coffee no matter how much hot water you add.

  • We know eggs release sulfur compounds so you will need to crack open the egg shells to check for the sulfur compounds which, if in the early stages, may not be as evident from the outside. When in doubt crack each of the shells independently into a separate bowl before adding the shells to the coffee.

Something for everyone

What is great about making egg coffee is that it works with any brewing method as long as you add eggshells to the coffee pot.

Modern coffee pots have filtration systems where you can add your coffee grounds and egg shells and allow the coffee maker to do its thing, but making campfire coffee is just as easy.

Coffee outside

Often referred to as cowboy coffee or campfire coffee, many travelers would keep hot water in a small pot over an open flame.

With the loose grounds mixed in a small bowl with two eggs worth of shells, they would then brew their cowboy coffee till they thought it was the perfect cup (after several minutes of brewing) and would savor this strong coffee without the bitter aftertaste.

Brewing methods

If you have coffee grounds to use up but are not sure this new version of brew can be done at your family home, then fear not, you can enjoy everything from a mellow cup of coffee to a recipe that is packed with flavor.

Let's see what options are available and whether your first cup of egg-infused coffee could be the start of something new.

Finding your style

  • Modern coffee pots - Depending on how much coffee you want to make add the coffee grounds to the coffee maker filter, then add eggshells with a 1 to 4 ratio, and pour in the water, and leave it to drip through the mix as you would your regular recipe.

  • French press - Pull the plunger from the French press and add the coffee, coarse grind works just as well when adding eggshells if not better and pour hot water onto the coffee and egg mixture. Allow the brew to steep in the pot, push the French press plunger into the liquid, and filter through. Pour into your cup for a better-tasting coffee.

  • Campfire coffee - Making campfire coffee can easily be done in a small pot, similar to one used for boiled eggs, only this time we are adding eggs into our coffee. Some people love strong coffee and making it in a pot is a way to get a stronger taste without the bitterness. Put cold water in the pot on the fire and bring to a boil, add your grounds, and let the coffee steep for several minutes off the heat. Pour the mix through a filter or even muslin cloth to be sure no shells get into your cups.

  • Scandinavian Americans style - This method is used when you prefer a lighter roast coffee but you are not only adding eggshells but the full one egg, shells, and all. The heat causes the eggs to form a slurry and offer a richly-flavored sip.

  • egg whites - The egg white and eggshell helps to clarify the coffee from the grounds and extract the bitterness from the overall flavor profile. Whether you add more eggshells or less, making your morning cup of coffee with eggs or eggshells will make it taste more ambient and leave a smoother mouthfeel.


Coffee or eggs, or both?

Shells, eggshells, coffee, it seems we are adding all sorts to our morning sip but with eggs a healthier alternative to heavy creams and sugar cubes, it is quickly gaining popularity.

And while some people just want a regular coffee minus the eggshells, that is fine too.


A final consideration on the eggshells in coffee

When you go to pour your coffee throughout the day more often than not do not even think about shells and adding them to the pot, but when it comes to the afternoon and you need that last boost to get you through to the end of the day, the last thing we need is a sip full of bitterness.

Eggshells eradicate that almost rancid taste from coffees that have been brewed too long and are essentially burnt, and you can now enjoy a smoother finish to your coffee and dispel bad coffee once and for all.

Eggshells in coffee are the way forward to better-tasting strong coffee, so you can enjoy the kick and the taste in one cup. Win-win.


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