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Best Coffee Flavors To Elevate Your Taste Buds: 15 Most Popular Coffee Flavors

Jun 24, 2023Meagan Mason


Coffee lovers will declare that a hot cup of coffee can be a game changer and set the tone for a great day, and when you excite your taste buds with additional flavors such as syrups or a pinch of cinnamon or pumpkin spice there is nothing you can't tackle.

Coffee flavors aren't just for hot coffee, in fact we also create some delicious cold brew creations using many flavors for a cold refreshing summer drink!

We have tried many different flavors creations and based on our customer preferences this list is our top flavor profiles to try!

Everything from caramel flavored coffee, to French vanilla, and the ever popular hazelnut flavoring as an alternative sweetener to the generic sugar.

We cover the best coffee flavors you can experiment with and undoubtedly enjoy this upcoming season so you can impress your guests and family the next time they come around for some coffee and cake.

15 Best Coffee Flavors

There are plenty of choices when searching for the most popular coffee flavors but they can be narrowed down to a handful of the top 5 flavor notes to look out for when choosing the right flavor syrup or combination for your hot beverage. You are looking at;

  • Sweet or Bitter

  • Floral and Fruity

  • Roasted

The best way to find your favorite flavor for your cup of joe is to think about or identify the notes currently present in the coffee flavor.

If you enjoy caramel coffee or toffee flavors then you are looking for something within the 'sweet' category, or something more decadent like butter pecan flavor that comes in roasted silky notes.

At the end of the day the most popular coffee flavors are the ones that make you feel a certain way.

They set the mood, make you feel great or cozy, and can change a bad day into a good one with one sip.

So, with our curated list of the more popular coffee flavors you can be sure to find something that speaks to you and your taste buds.

Let's dive in and see what the coffee connoisseurs are all raving about and get in on the coffee flavors action.

French Vanilla

Considered one of the most popular coffee flavors. French vanilla coffee comes from adding vanilla syrup, vanilla extract, or sometimes vanilla coffee creamer flavors to the coffee.

It is slightly sweeter than the traditional cup of coffee and is best made with the extracts from the vanilla bean pod.


The nutty aroma of hazelnut coffee makes it a great compliment for your morning drink. You can expect earthy flavors and this drink is usually created by adding either synthetic oils or natural flavors to lower quality coffee beans.


This is as simple as it sounds. Your beloved regular coffee with a stick of peppermint popped in.

Mainly brewed and drunk during the holiday season where peppermint flavored coffee has quickly become an iconic coffee shop beverage. Peppermint mocha anyone?


If you love a sweet flavored coffee topped with a creamy edge then caramel flavored coffee is the one for you.

The coffee flavors are usually strong and have a bitter tang to them while the caramel offers a more buttery and mellow texture for a well-rounded sip.

Mocha Coffee

A simplified version of this coffee drink is explained by blending hot chocolate with a cappuccino, the best parts of both, and a dash of additional cocoa powder or chocolate syrup if you are feeling like a sweet treat.

You get the light, frothy texture from the cappuccino and the hit of sugar from the chocolate for a delicious cup to start the day.

Sweet Cream

This Italian sweet cream coffee has everything you could ask for and considered by many as one of the best flavored coffee drinks. It tastes like melted ice cream with hints of almond and vanilla.

When added to black coffee the taste is decadently creamy, sweet, and is a taste buds sensation you don't want to miss.

Pumpkin Spice

Autumn seasonal coffee flavors can set the mood for the upcoming season, and pumpkin spice is the ultimate flavored coffee to do just that. Your sip is celebrated with flavors of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice.

Top your latte with whipped cream and a gingerbread biscuit and nothing will ruin your day.


The prominent flavors are nutmeg and ginger. But it is also made with brown sugar, cinnamon, and molasses.

Usually served with milk, topped with heavy whipped cream, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Butterscotch coffee is decadent. A coffee drinkers dream and in the top 10 of the most popular coffee flavors. Coffee with a buttery taste, hints of toffee, and and overall sweet flavor.

Many coffee enthusiasts believe adding syrups or spices make flavored coffee bad, but once you have tried this you will be singing a different tune. Butterscotch coffee flavors have become a staple in coffee shops and is one of the most popular coffee flavor drinks.


The original cinnamon hot coffee flavors offer a woody, sweet taste, and when added to black coffee simply tastes like you've added a hint of sugar. Not overwhelming.

You get the spicy taste by adding the cinnamon to the ground coffee beans before brewing, and if you want an even stronger punch you can stir a cinnamon stick into the ready coffee when serving.


The perfect collaboration, balance, and blend of sweet and bitter. Amaretto coffee is not for everyone as the taste is quite distinct.

It has flavors of cherry and apricot for a fruity aroma, and complimented beautifully with the nutty, almost caramel flavoring of the toasted almonds. Italians recommend using 100% Arabica beans for a truly original sip.


When you have coffee beans that have only a subtle flavor adding maple syrup flavoring is the perfect solution. Maple syrup coffee flavors add just the right amount of sweetness to roasted coffee beans for a well-rounded sip.

You can stir the flavoring into a milky, creamy cup of joe and is great for coffee lovers who don't want an overly sweet drink. Sprinkle some pumpkin spice on top for a sweet and savory flavor profile.

White Chocolate

White chocolates milder, sweeter flavor needs to be paired with coffee blends like Costa Rican, Yemeni, or Columbian coffee for the perfect balance.

Coffees that offer strong, distinctive floral notes and rich fruity aromas pair beautifully with the light, white chocolate taste.

Birthday Cake

If you want to have a great birthday then the birthday cake coffee flavors will do the trick. Expect rich buttery flavor coffee with notes of vanilla, and tastes exceptional both hot or as an iced coffee.

Coffee Flavors for Summer

We don't always associate drinking hot coffee flavors during the warm summer months, but when you have an opportunity to try new, more 'exotic' coffee flavors like lavender or Irish coffee flavors you can still enjoy your beloved coffee drink to kickstart your day.

Many coffee shops are including new and interesting flavored coffee or are adding spices and ground edible flowers to their coffee grounds so be sure to look out for new promotions and give them a try.

They may well be just what you need this summer season.


Lavender is becoming one of the increasingly popular flavors and for good reason too. It has notes of sweetness complimented by subtle floral aromas and bring together a delicious lavender sensation.

Many people have drunk lavender coffee for centuries and adding the plant to their coffee beverages for its calming properties and aiding in reducing anxiety.

Drinking a cup of lavender infused coffee will help send you off to sleep that much better so you are relaxed as you drift off into dream land.

Irish Cream

Irish coffee flavors are one of the original, old-school coffee flavors and the classic Irish cream has been around for over 30 years. The classic Irish flavored coffee comes from mixing Bavarian chocolate, creamy vanilla, and topped with whiskey notes.

It is recommended to use 100% Arabica beans because the strong flavor can balance out the rich flavorings.

Also try adding additional complimenting flavors like cinnamon or nutmeg to add something a little extra and to enhance the overall flavor profile.

Can you add flavored syrup to cold-brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee flavors are excitingly popular and simple to elevate with an added flavored syrup. Not only do they enhance the sweetness and taste of the coffee but the aromatic flavor lingers for just that little bit longer.

Can you make flavored coffee with instant coffee?

Many coffee lovers would gasp at the question but you know what, if ready coffee is all you have on hand and you are dying for a cup of coffee then by all means, make a cup of coffee from instant coffee, am I right?

However, those 'many coffee drinkers' are not entirely wrong. The main taste difference between using ready-to-go coffee and a brewed coffee is that instant coffee manufacturers don't take the time to source the higher quality, more expensive Arabica beans that make coffee taste so delicious.

You can expect higher acidity ratios with instant coffee because more than most of the time the lesser quality Robusta beans are used and they bring with them a bitter edge. Not necessarily a taste many can become accustomed to unless push comes to shove.

Can You Put Pure Extracts In Coffee?

Yes, we have all and most likely used the very popular vanilla extract.

What makes this flavor extract so sought-after and widely used is its versatility to be added to almost any hot beverage, and therefore accommodates many taste preferences.

And what's more, you can sweeten your coffee with little to no sugar if you opt for vanilla extract.

Adding Flavors To Dark Roast vs Light Roast Coffees

Dark Roasts

If you find beans with a deep, mahogany color you know you are drinking a dark roast coffee. They are significantly darker than other beans and because their oils are released during heating they have a slight shiny tinged hue to their exterior.

Drinking the coffee as is without any additives you can expect notes of dark chocolate syrup, rich nutty tastes, and very minimal lighter, floral infused notes.

Pairing a dark roast coffee with a syrup that offers either a caramelized taste or the rich flavor of Italian liqueur, you can be sure you will sipping more than a popular coffee flavor, but rather one of the best coffee flavors you will ever have experienced.

Light Roasts

More commonly recognized by its slight, cinnamon-inspired coloring rather than any distinctive flavor, light roasts offer hints of floral, fresh baked breads, and some even say a subtle nutty taste.

The initial taste does take some getting used to as it is roasted more for its natural flavors, or if you are one of the regular medium or dark roast coffee drinkers, but this does leave plenty of room for flavored coffee creations. Add a delicious pumpkin spice latte to your festive menu and add a toasty flavor for a crowd-pleasing eggnog latte, your guests will not be disappointed.

Which Is The Best Coffee Flavor? 

Whether you love peppermint coffee, caramel coffee, or a simple black chai tea, adding flavors to your morning coffees or teas is one added way to set the tone for a great day.

Flavored syrups are readily available in shops or to purchase from your local coffee shop so you can try new things from the comfort of your home for a new and improved cup of joe.

Is flavored coffee the way of the future? Well, flavored coffee like French vanilla and a sip of toasted almond flavor may just convince you.

We have loved trying out new seasonal coffee flavors as an alternative to something as simple as brown sugar, and the more you step out of your comfort zone the more likely you are to find and enjoy your perfect coffee flavor.

So, the next time you head to the shops to purchase coffee beans or to the café be sure to try something new, you never know, the new coffee flavor may well just be your new go-to morning sip.

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