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How to Steam Milk | Elevate Your Coffee Mornings

Apr 29, 2023Meagan Mason

Who knew that a humble white liquid could transform hot beverages into magical creations? We have all had a mug of hot milk or even a coffee with hot milk at some point in our lives, but steamed milk is the way forward. And now, knowing how to steam milk at home allows you even more days of comfort coffee without needing to head to the café on the way to work, and is quick and easy to make once you get the hang of it.

Coffee is a staple across the globe and an ingredient that embraces all cultures and traditions and brings with it a sense of unity, of community, and it tastes great too. Adding to that richness, no matter where in the world you are or how you drink your cup of coffee, adding a steamed batch of creamy hot milk for a light-as-air sip will set the tone for a great day. The silky texture soothes the soul as it glides down effortlessly.

To be prepared

Knowing how to steam milk is one thing but if you don’t have quality coffee all your efforts will be for nothing and could ruin the taste. But fear not, steamed milk works for a variety of coffees as well as a strong or light roasted bean. Three options to consider when deciding which is best suited for your morning cup are the top choices from Twisted Goat Coffee:

Explore Dark Roast Blend – A stronger option with hints of caramel, almond, and cocoa.

Wild West Medium Roast – Subtle but still packs a punch and notes of milk chocolate, sweet, and cherry for a treat first thing when you wake up.

Adrenaline Junkie Light Roast – A softer approach when waking up before the sun and you want to ease into the day, this blend has flavors of chocolate, toffee, and currents making it a great option during the Christmas period.

If you have made it to the end of the day yet still craving a delicious coffee taste to bring it home, you can still enjoy your favorite coffee with the Twisted Goat Coffee Untamed Grassland Decaf blend option that offers toffee, dried cherries, and cocoa for a full-flavored caffeine-free moment.

Now, whether you want to know how to steam milk for a latte or how to steam milk in general, your foundation of quality coffee is in place. There is no better feeling than savoring each moment of your morning coffee when the balance of milk and coffee is in harmony. There is a coffee blend and style suited for everyone, you just need to find your niche.

The world of steamed milk

If you have the in-laws coming over for breakfast or simply want to make a cup of love for your other half you will want to know how to steam milk at home, not only will you be proud of yourself at how great it looks but those on the receiving end will be well-impressed.

Whether you have had some practice perfecting your barista skills or are a complete beginner, the fundamentals are the same, and with only a handful of steps to getting it right like the pros, you will be wondering why you hadn’t tried to or even find out how to steam milk for a latte until now.

Step 1: Fill the Milk Pitcher

You want to fill your jug for steaming (ideally a metallic one as it holds heat) till just before the nudge where the spout begins, remembering that as you increase the bubbles (albeit small) the overall volume of the milk will increase.

A quick tip: You want to use cold milk as the shock of the chill with the hot steam creates firmer bubbles for a silkier texture. If the milk is not that cold you can swirl an ice cube in the jug for a few minutes before starting to cool the mixture down.

Step 2: Stretch The Milk

This sounds more complicated than it is and to be fair the staff in coffee houses do make it look effortless. Place the steam nozzle in the milk under the top line, as the air from the steamer is pulled into the milk you will see bubbles begin to form and essentially create froth.

If you start to hear a high-pitched hissing sound you are holding the steamer nozzle at the top milk line for too long, when, in general, you want to keep it there for 5-8 seconds.

Step 3: Spin The Milk

The best part about making your coffee and that learning how to steam milk for a latte all pays off, this is where the magic happens. Lower the steamer wand further into the milk mixture while keeping the vessel slightly tilted, when you start to see a whirlpool begin to form you know that the bubbles are being incorporated into the milk and it will start to thicken. Do this till you see the velvet sheen we know and love on our cappuccinos and the milk has come up to temperature.

If you do not find the sweet spot where you begin to see the whirlpool it means you have either let it sit for too long or not long enough at the top line and you won’t be able to achieve that creamy texture that elevates a regular coffee to a gourmet one.

Step 4: The shine

You are done steaming the milk when it reaches a  temperature of 140F, or becomes too hot to touch. Tap the jug a few times on the counter to release any air bubbles and swirl to see the thick silky mix ready to add to your coffee. The foam should look silky, and hold its shape, but easy to spoon on top of your coffee, you can tell you have done it right when soft peaks hold their form. 

Step 5: Pouring Pro (practice makes perfect)

The final step as you embrace the process of how to steam milk at home is to pour your hard work correctly into the coffee mixture and to do this takes two steps. The initial quicker pour will be to add the running milk into the coffee to combine while leaving behind the thicker foam still in the jug, and then, top off with the thick creamy foam on top.

Sprinkle with some cinnamon, nutmeg, or even festive-colored sprinkles to serve to your family and friends, and be ready for compliments. And just like that, you will have mastered how to steam milk like your favorite café baristas, only without the hefty price tag to match.

How To Free Pour Latte Art

Slow and Steady

Life is to be enjoyed, when you know how to steam milk at home you can make that well-deserved cup of coffee to wrap your hands around at first light before the house and the world has woken up, taking a quiet moment to yourself (because why not), and breathing in the crisp air that is so refreshing.

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