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Best Coffee For French Press: Our Top Roast Picks

Apr 16, 2023Meagan Mason

Best Coffee for French Press | The Ultimate Coffee Beans for Your French Press!

You may have heard that a dark roast is the only thing you should consider for your French press, and while that may ring true, let's delve deeper into the meanings of why and how so you have better insight into why you are using your French press the way you are.

French Press History

Given the name has French in the title you would wholly assume it came from France, invented by a French man, and that was it. And it might well be just like that, it all depends on your coffee heritage and the tales you have enjoyed and listened to over the years.

But in this instance let's stick to the French version of the French press evolution.

In a nutshell (or even toasted nuts shells that taste impeccably crushed and sprinkled over a thick, decadent coffee) the story goes.

A French gentleman was boiling water and forgot to add his coffee to the water, in doing so he then saw the coarse grind coffee floating on the top. He stopped a local metal merchant passing by his way and purchased a metal screen.

Finding a stick he plunged the coffee water mixture down, and as they say, the rest is... in this case, the first plunge.

Since then the technique has been tweaked and personalized with dark roasts for their notes of dark chocolate, chilled for a cold brew during the hot summer months, or simplistically enjoyed as a well-made brewed coffee.

French Presses: How Do They Work?

Brewing methods like the French press are known as immersion brews where the coffee is essentially soaked in the water during the brewing process rather than the water being poured over.

This is a great technique to enjoy a full extraction of flavors and is easy to use no matter your experience level.

Once the coffee has been left to steep, the filter or plunger is then pressed down to the bottom to compact the grinds with the now-coffee-flavored water rising to the top to pour and enjoy.

What Coffee Origins Are Best For The French Press? 

It all comes down to what you enjoy, like with all things, and there is no one specific region that produces a better bean than the next for a French press.

If, however, you have a sweet tooth like myself and prefer the more dark chocolate, and nutty flavored blends, then try looking for coffee from countries such as South America, Central America, and Indonesia.

How To Find Your Favorite French Press Roast?

Medium to dark roasted beans tend to work best in French press coffee, the coarse grind also allows more hot water to seep through extracting the oils and richness we want in a decadent brew.

If you enjoy adding a dash of milk or cream to your coffee with a teaspoon of brown sugar then the dark roasts are your best choice. They are creamy and smooth with hints of dark chocolate that seem to melt in your mouth, and who doesn't love a moment with some dark chocolate right?

What makes press coffee taste better?

Oh yes, some components play an integral part when you are discovering the best coffee for French press, and some of the best coffee beans may simply give you a strong coffee but not necessarily the best-tasting one.

One of the key elements as to why you are not getting that good French press coffee taste you tried while on vacation is that you are rushing the process.

Brewing methods are designed in a specific way to yield the best product, and the French press method is no different if you want to enjoy smooth-tasting coffee.

Then there are the smaller working parts, and once you familiarize yourself with the process and tweak it here and there according to your taste preference, you will soon be sipping that decadently rich cup of homemade brewed coffee.

Roast Levels And Their Flavors

It is highly recommended to use a darker roast for French press coffee because they have more oils that are extracted for a fuller flavored sip.

A dark roasted coffee bean blend of arabica coffee beans has a richer texture to it with higher notes of caramelization, like with brown sugar. Dark-roasted coffee has been known to be the best coffee bean thus far when it comes to French press specialty coffee.

Whole Bean Or Pre-Ground Coffee?

Certainly, a pre-ground coarsely ground coffee blend saves you a lot of time, and even more so if you don't have a grinder at home you can set it to coarse grind and let it do its thing, but whole bean coffee is so much tastier.

French presses have a distinct, paperless filter that allows for the best French-inspired coffee, but using freshly roasted beans can elevate your morning cuppa to another level. Arabica beans are what some coffee lovers and connoisseurs like to call the ultimate high-quality coffee beans option with the dark roast perfect for French press coffee.

Whole beans, or fresh coffee beans, also offer you better control and taste when compared to other coffee beans that have been ground up a while back and packaged to sit on store shelves.

And if you have ever experienced the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans (for French press) you won't want anything other than your tried and trusted medium roast or dark roast arabica beans.

If you are looking to get into French press brewing then use the best French press beans you can afford, whole beans, in a medium roast, or ideally a dark roast, and make the best French press coffee you have ever enjoyed.

Can you use regular ground coffee for a French press?

Coffee for French press is not an all round coffee grounds version. Ideally, you want to use a medium roast coarse ground coffee blend, if you use a regular ground it could clog up the filter and create a bitter taste because it is too fine.

You may purchase pre ground coffee or choose the best coffee beans for the French press and grind them yourself with your grinder set to coarse-ground coffee.

Just be sure you keep an eye on the grind size because finely ground coffee will not work in your French press no matter if you have arabica beans or another. The finely ground coffee plugs the filter and causes a sour flavor profile.

What are the cons of French press coffee?

Like with all things, and especially when it comes to brewing methods there are positives and negatives, and finding what works for you takes time and practice. For French-inspired coffee, there are a whole host of advantages, but that does not go to say that there are no negatives to the French press method.

While some people may see them as mere bumps in the road to overcome or weave around, others use them in their decision-making process when shopping for coffee makers and more so if an espresso machine is in the mix of options. Let's see what some of them are so you have both sides of the story.

  • A French press coffee maker requires a slightly, not much, higher equipment investment, including additional tools or accessories to perfect the French press brewing method.

  • You will need a separate piece of equipment to boil the hot water needed for the French press brew method.

  • If you are a beginner it is easy to over-extract the ground coffee which will result in an acidic, somewhat sour flavor and mouth feel, not something you want when you are looking forward to a delicious cup of java.

Where To Find The Best Coffee for French press in Canada?

Finding a quality French press coffee maker can be tricky enough, but finding quality coffee beans for French press coffee is equally tough, until now.

Ground coffee and ground coffee beans need to be of the highest quality you can afford, it gives you not only a more intense flavor but the robust flavor that makes for a delicious cup first thing in the morning.

When it comes to the best in the business, we have you covered. From premium coffee beans to the best-tasting notes and flavor varieties, you want to purchase directly from the coffee beans roaster, and this is where Twisted Goat Coffee beans come into play.

Direct From The Coffee Roaster | Try Twisted Goat Coffee

There is nothing better than top-quality whole bean coffee beans, and arabica beans are amongst the top of the line, something Twisted Goat Coffee company prides itself on using. And with ample flavor variations to choose from, you can be sure your home will be filled with hypnotic coffee aromas that set the tone for a great day ahead.

Let's see what some of the more popular choices are that, as a coffee lover, you will appreciate for the bold flavor and quality.

Wild West - Medium Roast Coffee Beans

A mellow sip of coffee is what you'll get with a medium roast blend. Not too acidic like with a lighter roast nor too rich like with a darker roast, just an even balance of flavors. The Wild West coffee beans blend combines milk chocolate and notes of cherry for a sweet sensation that leaves you wanting to come back for more. Heaven in a cup for coffee lovers.

Hoodoo - Medium Roast Coffee Beans

With a well-rounded flavor profile, a medium roast coffee bean has something for everyone, and it gets no better than the Hoodoo medium roast coffee from Twisted Goat Coffee. There is everything you could want in your coffee from sweetness and smooth honey to the creaminess of milk chocolate notes running through the blend. A true treat at midday when you need a pick-me-up.

Explore - Dark Roast Coffee Beans

If a full-bodied, richly flavored, and textured coffee beans blend is what you are after, then the Explore blend is the perfect choice for your morning cup of coffee. Not only does it have the creamy almond and cocoa combination that makes coffee so decadent, but the hint of caramel elevates your morning sip to the next level. This rich cup of caffeine is all you need to start the day right.

Best Coffee For French Press: Quality Is Key

Whether you are making a cold brew coffee to refresh with during summer or are perfecting your coffee-making skills with your new French press always ensure you choose quality over quantity when it comes to beans.

Arabica beans are highly popular and successful in flavor and will make a good starting point for beginners new to the coffee-making world. Get started on one of our coffee subscriptions today!

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